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im the hottest shit since slide bread

name: marianna
age: 14
location: new york
What sent your sexy ass here?: somebody promoted in advice for teens

bands: taking back sunday, strike anywhere, alkaline trio, thrice, brand new, smashing pumpkins, coheed and cambria,
movies: virgin suicides, american beauty, sweetest thing, donnie darko
tv shows: degrassi (hehe), the nanny!
books: summer boys, speak
colors: red black pink
outfit: hmm..johnnys pants, white v-cut shirt and black bra (;
store: idk
vacation place: turks and cacious (howeverits spelled)

<3do you have...<3
piercings?: yes--madd earings and my tongue
tattoos?: one hidden one that NOBODY knows about (;
a girl/boyfriend?: not really
a straightner: yes!

<3How do you feel about..<3
religion? i recently got re-untited with god, but honoestly i disagree with alot of stuff that catholics believe, so, im sorta against organized religion. you should believe and practice what and how you want. in my opinion everybody interupts god differently so its like we all have our own relgion.
gay marriage? you should marry whoever you want!
president bush? ugh. he sucks........!
american eagle? it doesnt make a difference to me
abortion? its your life, but if it can be avoided, it should be
drugs and drinking? personally, i like drugs and i like drinking, but in moderation. you dont need to get drunk every night! and you dont need to be high every minute of every day. also herion sucks!

promote us to 2 other livejournals and list them here: i promoted in xsublimex and punk_emo_ska

picturess!! sorry if they dont workkkk!
all these pictures are kinda old so i apoligize if they look different. also they may have been taken at different times, hence my hair color might look, well, fake (which it is! hehe).

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