idontgivea_shit (idontgivea_shit) wrote in so_goddamn_sexy,

I'm the hottest shit since sliced bread

name: Jill
age: 14
location: danvers MA
gender: female !
What sent your sexy ass here?: and interests search

bands: taking back sunday , something corporate , the used
movies: honey,the mothman prophesies, ladder 49
tv shows: life as we know it, C.S.I.
books: pure, night
colors: pink and black
outfit: express tank top..and always the hoop earings
store: hollister, abercrombie, gadzooks
vacation place: smuggs

<3do you have...<3
piercings?: one in each and and my nose
tattoos?: nope
a girl/boyfriend?: not quite, im still sorta together with my x though
a straightner: would die without it

<3How do you feel about..<3
religion? eh, i dont love it, but its everyones personal choice and really good for some people..
gay marriage? um, against
president bush? awesome, better win tonight
american eagle? i love it
abortion? no
drugs and drinking? just becareful that nothing shitty happens.. otherwise go for it

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